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Here is what we know...

1. NAD+ is the central metabolite in all human cells for converting fuels to energy.

2. Cells require more NAD+ when combatting unavoidable stresses, such as repairing DNA damage and detoxifying reactive oxygen species.

3. Studies show that NAD+ declines with age.

4. TRU NIAGEN® has been proven to safely and efficiently boost NAD+ levels.

NAD+ is one of the most important, if not the most important, metabolites in the body. It enables the mitochondria to produce ATP (the energy source for cells), it activates the Sirtuin "longevity" genes that regulate metabolism and aging, and it defends against both DNA damage and free radical damage. When a cell is under stress from disease processes, DNA damage and reactive oxygen species, cells are forced to commit NAD+ metabolites for defensive purposes. Shortages of NAD+ leave cells and tissues at risk for mutation, dysfunction, degeneration and even death. Recent studies show that levels of NAD+ decline with age, suggesting an explanation for why we succumb to certain health issues as we get older. Thus replenishing NAD+ is an advanced, science-based strategy to maintain energy and stay healthy while we age.

Anti-aging, pro-health

We age because our cells age: they get less efficient at turning nutrients into energy, less able to keep our bodies strong and disease-resistant. But imagine a naturally-occurring vitamin that could actually help make cells “younger”. That’s what research has shown about NIAGEN®. This remarkable molecule can help improve cellular health, energy and muscle endurance, help protect the heart and nerves, maintain a vigorous metabolism, and much more.*

The Science

In August 2015, ChromaDex announced results from the first human clinical study which demonstrated that a single dose of NIAGEN® can elevate NAD+ levels in the blood by as much as 2.7-fold and was safe. The results of that study constituted a significant milestone as it showed for the first time an increase in NAD+ in humans has been demonstrated through NIAGEN® supplementation.

Why Choose TRU NIAGEN®

Healthier Cells Healthier You*

Healthier Cells Healthier You*

Patented support for cellular health


Fuels the body’s energy “engines” (mitochondria)*


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