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on Jun 27, 2017

Did you know that your cells can be stressed? Even the most enjoyable things, such as sunshine and fresh air, can result in cellular stresses that challenge our NAD+ levels. Bright sunlight can cause DNA damage and oxygen itself can be converted to harmful free radicals. NAD+ is used to maintain healthy DNA and a key metabolite called NADPH is used to detoxify reactive oxygen. By boosting your NAD+ with TRU NIAGEN®, your cells can cope with daily stresses and your body can function optimally.

Many stresses operate through common pathways. Ideally, our bodies have resiliency that allows us to repair damage and restore function. Scientists believe that declining NAD+ is one of the reasons that we lose this resiliency. Nicotinamide riboside (NR), the active ingredient in TRU NIAGEN®, is now available to allow all of us to manage stress and maintain function regardless of our age. By supplementing with TRU NIAGEN®, which naturally boosts NAD+ levels, you’ll combat the effects of stress at a cellular level so that you can feel good from the inside out.  

Most of us have experienced how mentally and physically taxing stress can be on the body. Studies show that even for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, stress may counteract healthy habits in ways we might not have expected -- showing how vital stress management is for our health. There’s a lot of research on topics like controlled breathing, meditation and yoga for stress management. People swear by very different approaches for stress management from walking to high intensity exercise and from collecting things to decluttering and eschewing things altogether.

At ProHealthspan, we don’t take a position on how best to manage stress. We do know that at a molecular level, stress can lead to the breakdown of the NAD+ required to keep your metabolism humming and responsive to stresses. Our recommendation? Find the set of practices that works best for your mind and your body, and manage stress from the inside by supplementing with TRU NIAGEN®.

When you’re stressed, your NAD+ levels are under attack and your cellular defense systems don’t work. TRU NIAGEN® takes care of the molecular component -- it’s another tool to use in your anti-stress toolkit. If you are like us, you will get more restoration with your stress relief practices when you start your day with TRU NIAGEN®.


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